Pedicure without polish

Basic pedicure comes complete with soaking, buffing, de-roughing, clipping, toe trimming.

Also suitable for men.

35 €


Pedicure for kids (-12years)

Even little princesses need to treat their feet some times.

30 €

Spa Delux pedicure with regular polish

Spa Delux pedicure comes with additional scrubbing, massage and refreshing footmask.

45 €

Pedicure with gel polish

Gel polish is a brilliant alternative to regular polish. It dries in seconds under LED lamp. With gel polish one don’t need to spend extra time drying and no worries any more about ruining polish with stocking or shoes.

42 €

Pedicure with french gel polish

48 €

Spa Delux pedicure with gel polish

50 €