Belly piercing

Bellyring for the summernabarõngas

Piercing in usually not painful but not pleasant as well. The good thing is
that its quick. We clean the area, mark the place we need the piercing and pierce. We can use a little numbing on the skin too. The most important thing is the aftercare of the fresh piercing. Alcohol rubs are not recommended for cleaning. Instead use 1/4 ts sea salt diluted on glass of warm water and place that on the fresh piercing. As the naval piercing in one that heal very slowly its best to do it as early as possible for it to be ready for summer. We have 15 years of practice in belly piercing and have seen almost all kinds of different bellies. Procedure is done by trained cosmetologist Katrin Laak (25 years work experience).

All our jewellery are made of medical grade stainless steel or surgical steel. These are the best first jewellery.

Prices start from 6€