Lash Lift is an hour-long treatment along the lines of the old-fashioned eyelash perm. But this is better.

The perm system used a rod that made long eyelashes look short, stubby and likelash-lifting someone has slept with their face planted in a pillow.

The Lash Lift is different. Using a silicone pad, it lifts each lash individually, adding an appearance of volume to the eyelashes.

You can also choose the size of curl you require — small, medium or large.

Medium is most popular. The lashes are stuck to the silicone contraption for about 40 minutes (it isn’t painful, but your eyes have to stay shut for the whole time), and once the curl is set, they’re tinted to make them really stand out.

The appearance of the face really seems to change after having it done. Eyes look more open.


In November we have an offer sooduspakkumine:

Lash Lift + eyelash tinting (25€) 20€ Lash Lift + brow tint and style (36€) 28€