Our strip waxes are designed to be the non-sticky answer to your prayers. Designed with speed in mind and to pick up the finest of hairs, these are the perfect high quality strip wax. Available in 500gr tubes and 100ml cartridges

Strip Wax

Cooktown Orchid (white)

Rose/ Orchid Fragrance made with synthetic resins and titanium dioxide for the most sensitive skin types. Will spread ultra-fast, ultra-fine, leaving zero residue behind. Recommended for Brazilian strip waxing & sensitive areas

Australian Wattle (yellow)

Magnolia and Honeysuckle Fragrance. Ultra-thin spreading for fast application. High performance strip designed for optimum hair removal. Gives exceptional results on all types of hair

Sydney Waratah (red)

Pine and synthetic blend wax. Strawberry Fragrance. Removes short, stubborn hair. Leaves skin soft and supple without sticky residue. Recommended for all areas and all types of hair

Daintree Blackbean (grey)

Sandalwood and Cedarwood Fragrance. Extreme pulling power for multi directional hair growth. Spreads thin while the dark colour allows you to see where you have applied it, zero residue. Recommended for unruly, strong hair, perfect for male waxing