Jax Wax Australia waxes

Jax Wax

Jax Wax Australia produce fragrant and luxurious waxes since 2003. In 2017 they rebranded their whole depilatory wax range. Same excellent quality with new name and new package. Jax wax use exotic and enticing Aromatherapy fragrances such as lavender, sandalwood lime and more leave skin cashmere soft and deliciously scented.

Made in Australia our waxes contain only the finest quality natural ingredients. Jax Wax uses fully synthetic formulations, perfect for sensitive and intimate areas.

Natural versus Synthetic

These are not really what most people would call natural. They are made of mixtures of rosin and waxes. The rosin used is obtained from pine trees or Chinese gum trees but it needs to be chemically treated to make it suitable to use as a depilatory. Untreated pine resin will crystallise and curdle in a wax pot. It is also acidic which is why there is more likely to be redness on the skin after using a pine based wax. The most common wax used in a “natural” wax is beeswax but it will still need to contain microcrystalline and paraffin waxes as well as fillers, perfumes and dyes. The quality and performance of the rosin and beeswax varies depending on the source, harvest conditions and treatment of the materials. As they are natural products they will vary from batch to batch and therefore the finished products can be inconsistent.

Synthetic Waxes

These are made from synthetic resins generally called hydrogenated polycyclopentadiene. They are what we call water white very clear in colour. This enables manufacturers to make white or very pale coloured waxes this is impossible with pine based waxes. They are also very low odour. Synthetic waxes also contain microcrystalline and paraffin waxes as well as fillers and fragrances. They are generally much more flexible, remove more cleanly and can be used over the same area of skin several times without causing any harm to the skin. More people are allergic or have reactions to natural waxes than they do to synthetic waxes e.g. many people are allergic to latex but not to vinyl. Latex is also obtained from trees the same as rosin.


All waxes are ment for professional use only. For information please send us an email: info@blissilusalong.ee or sales@jaxwax.eu